2^ Serie

€. 37,00


1^ Serie

€. 32,00


Entrambi i metodi 1^ e 2^ Serie
(both the methods 1^ and 2^)

€. 59,00


Method for accordion First series and Second Series "format acrobat PDF"

Or all the countries out Italy these are the terms of payment:
1) if you want to order the Method of accordion (format acrobat PDF) First Series Total = Euro €.32,00
Second Series (format acrobat PDF) Total = €.37,00 - If you order in an only order both the methods (format acrobat PDF) there will be a discount and the total one it will be €.59,00
2) After we will have received the payment we will send you the method for accordion in formed pdf to your address email
Terms of payment and delivery :Accredit banking or Online whit PAYPAL
For to order the methods will owe to do an I accredit banking of The €.32,00 method first series, €.37,00 method second series, €.59,00 both of methods
For information on the banking data where to accredit the money has to write and ask to info@pasqualecoviello.com