100 pages of important accordion technical notions!
Exercises on the accordion technique of classical base!
Exercises to face the most arduous scores of accordion!
Passages to 2,3,4 voice. Exercises with the Basses, left hand of accordion!
Development 4 and 5 finger, exercises of difficulty!
Jumps of fast octaves and so many other exercises for the
development of the technique...
Accordion Method Pasquale - Coviello Book for Accordion


PREFACE Accordion Method - Book for Accordion

Seen the results gotten by the method 1^ series for accordion we have finally reached also the 2 ^ series. I first of all thank all those that have written me and thanked for the technical benefits that have gotten from the 1 study ^ series. The study of this method is recommended above all to musicians that already have some technical bases and that they want to improve themselves continuing the studies and lavishing toward the search of new techniques among which that transcendental and innovative! order Piano Accordion Method
The suggestion that feel to give to whom prepares to begin the exercises of this second series is to have studied in precedence the method first series or at least to order it for the who had not done still!
In this second volume I have inserted you progressive exercises that go from an averages difficulty to those more substantial among which exercises of classical technique. Accordion method innovative!
I hold the study of the technique of classical base is important and essential for the growth of every musician (of any musical extraction it is) in greater way for the one that has big ambitions in to want him to improve, doing yes that the most arduous passages can be faced that to today have available in the classical and contemporary literature! I think besides that any musical kind has its difficulties and every musician should improve in that to which mostly believes, but this doesn't remove whether to be able to perform to the best a kind that more it is him proper (in base to its tastes) it is necessary to also study some notions base of the classical studies.
Before ordering this 2 ^ series is necessary to order and to also learn 1 ^ series!

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