PREFACE (Accordion Method) Book for Accordion
To forehead of repeated applications from boys and accordionists it systematizes plain asking recommends me on the as him it comes to reach a speed and fluidity in the executions I have decided to contain in a synthesis some exercises that if not underestimated it can be of help to this purpose, but it is implied that this is not enough, only but also subjective dowries. Order Accordion Method_Coviello
This accordion method (first series) it doesn't want to replace or to be specific for the technique but a logical method to make him that the fingers (as soon as the exercises are performed to the letter) arrives to a looseness and such fluidity to allow to risk him in the most arduous pieces - difficult and fast with greater calm. Obviously not all succeed in reaching some levels of notable speed but being exercises that I normally make to develop to my students during the lessons of accordion (and what I have been able to make a will) after few months they are seen some notable changes. Besides containing  specific exercises to strengthen and to adjust the muscles of the fingers this accordion method contains different way, advanced, transcendental to perform chromatic staircases with the right hand and the lower part, triplets of octave right hand, Stretching, approach to the harmony and the double notes of bystander.Piano Accordion Method
This method (it is specific to increase the technical speed) it is not full wedges of pages but in substance it contains the essential-preliminary and important exercises to get the purpose in object.
The second series instead (scheduled) it will contain greater details and further exercises of technique, as well as detailed more advanced harmony, staircases jazz and so much other.
Very important that the first exercises of the method are performed every day not skipping anything and to go only to the following pages after having reached greater looseness in the fingers.   Order   
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